The Latest Trends in Men’s Accessories

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

Unlike women who can easily wear what type of jewelry they want to accessorize an outfit, men have to work harder to achieve a fashionable look. Furthermore, although the average man has tried to keep things conservative by wearing a watch and a wedding band when it was the case, times have changed. Nowadays, we can see more and more men wearing bold accessories and trying to enhance their outfits by using unconventional adornments. Check out the following mens style ideas that will help you reinvent your style with minimum investments.

Hats and caps

Giving the inspiration that people get from their TV idols and celebrities, we expect to see more people wearing oversized fedoras like Pharrell does. So, based on the latest trends, fedoras will be very popular this season, which means that you can opt for such a piece to achieve a modern look. However, there are other sorts of caps and hats that can complement an outfit, and matching them with a trendy scarf will get you even better results.


Wearing just one earring is not an option anymore, because those who want to follow the tendencies choose to pierce both ears, and wear large zirconium stones to add a modern touch to their appearance. Studs in stainless steel, silver and titanium are very fashionable, but gauged earrings are the ones that really seem to gain popularity. However, keep in mind that gauging your ear requires lots of patience, because you’ll have to use a cylindrical earring to enlarge the pierce opening in time.


Pendants represent trendy accessories for the neck, so you can choose between a leather or a chain necklace with a stone pendant or a silver pendant. Wearing this type of adornment is very contemporary, and it can also highlight your artistic side.


There are no rules for wearing rings, so you can take these fashion items to the next level by wearing them on both hands. Wearing multiple rings can make you look “bad”, so if you want to show your though personality, this is what you should try. Still, if you want to maintain an elegant aspect, you can choose a key item to display on your middle finger.


The latest trends in men’s accessories involve wearing as many bracelets as possible. Furthermore, for a disheveled, but modern aspect you must combine bracelets that are fabricated from different types of materials. You can choose to combine a simple, leather band with a rope band that contains wooden details, and create trendy layers and textures.

The mens style ideas presented above may be too bold for some of you, yet we encourage you to experiment with different accessories if you wish to spice up your style.