The Best Router Tables to Have in Your Garage

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A router table is without a doubt extremely useful. At the same time, it is a quite versatile addition to your garage. You will be able to move freely around the room, while the router is mounted very well on the table, which actually means that routing operations will seem a lot easier. However, if you do not yet have one, but you would like to get a unit like this in the near future, you should read some router table reviews on Routertable.reviews to learn more about these units. We did a lot of research on this matter, we compared several tables and we narrowed down the options to 3 of the best router tables of the moment. You should definitely have one of the following work tables in your garage.

Bosch RA1171 cabinet style router table

If you are looking for the best router tables to have in your garage, then you must definitely go for this product. It is one of the most efficient and versatile units of this type available on the market these days. The Bosch RA1171 cabinet style router table has a tall aluminum fence that comes with adjustable MDF face plates, and it is absolutely great due to the fact that it can support taller workpieces, in comparison with most of these products that cannot do this. It stays flat and precise as well throughout the routing process, thanks to its rigid aluminum router mounting plate.


  • Great value for money – you receive more than you would expect considering how much it costs
  • Adjustable featherboards provide additional guidance – great choice for beginner woodworkers
  • Sturdy build – reliable construction ensures it performs marvelously when handling all types of wood pieces
  • Two dust collection ports – your working area will never be messy!
  • Convenient storage – compact design allows you to easily stow it away when you are not using it

Deluxe router table HD

This is one of those products that comes with multi-functional fence capabilities. This is a quite affordable device as well. With this unit, you can actually convert routers into stationary power tools. Furthermore, the multifunctional fence makes joiner cuts a lot easier. For tougher angled cuts, the Deluxe router table HD features a miter gauge. A master power switch, a jointer pocket fence, and an extension set for good measure are also other wonderful feature that the Deluxe router table HD comes with. Overall, you will certainly find this product extremely helpful.


  • Features a dust port that makes it a lot easier to clean up the work area when you are done with your project
  • Ingenious grooved surface keeps chips and dust at bay – these unwanted element will not intermingle with the work pieces
  • Multi-functional fence design offers a new and versatile perspective to performing woodworking projects
  • Comes at a great price – affordable option that probably fits the budget you have set aside for this investment
  • Designed to endorse a quick and accurate indexing – convenient to work with

Craftsman router and router table combo

This unit will definitely meet all your woodworking needs. It features a long-lasting router that has a 1.3/4 HP motor, and a 334 square inch table. What you will certainly like the most is the smooth working surface on top of a quite sturdy cast aluminum base. Due to the permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearings that the actual router is built with, the motor will last a longer period of time. Furthermore, a minimum maintenance will be required, which is another great advantage of this product.


  • Large working area – take on projects of all sizes without worrying you might ever lack space
  • Dust extraction port allows an easy and thorough cleaning of the work area when you are done
  • Proper bit clearance is endorsed by the adjustable and multi-functional fence it features
  • Adjustable miter gauge – from 0 to 60 degrees in either direction
  • Designed to last for years – reliable routing table as it is made with quality, strong materials

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