Save Yourself Some Back Pains this Winter and Invest in a Snow Blower

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

Some people are used to clearing the snow in their yard using a snow shovel. They even know which snow shovel worked the best for each different layer of snow. They consider shoveling as a manly sport and they seem to be very passionate when they talk about how fast they can clear all their yard.

Minimum back pains

Don’t you think those people don’t have a hard time while shoveling! They do, they have back, neck and arm pains. Very few “professional” shovelers know a good technique for shoveling snow. In order to save yourself from back pains you must bend all your body when you shovel the snow. You must bend your knees every time you pick the snow from the ground. You also must keep your back as straight as possible. This way you will transfer the pressure of the load of snow on your shovel, on your legs and hips and keep your spine pressure free. For most people who are not used with everyday shoveling, although they may know what kind of movements will spare them of a few extra back pains, their muscles will still not have enough exercise to handle all the sustained physical effort.

Protect your health with a snow blower

In order to make sure that you will take proper care of your back health during wintertime, you must make sure that you have enough exercised strength in the muscles of your back, arms, shoulders and legs. In order to feel comfortable with the shoveling effort, one must practice shoveling a lot in the rest of the year. If he has been practicing gardening the entire year one may barely lift up to the difficulty of the snow shoveling task. For both the professional shovelers and ordinary men there is a simple elegant way for not having so many back pains. A snow blower can even protect you from a heart attack! There are some scientific studies show a connection between intensively using a snow shovel and the risk of having a heart attack.

How much investment we’re talking about

If you read some snow blower reviews, you will see that you can find a really good snow blower deal for less than 250$ : the Snow Joe SJ623E 15-Ampere Ultra Electric Snow Thrower with Light can be ordered online on Amazon.com. It has an 18” clearing width and 295 kg per minute power to cut through snow. It can throw the snow up to 6 meters away and the snow cut depth for each pass is 10 inches. If you feel that you need more power, check out some two stage snow blower reviews. The extra investment will pay off as you will deal with your show clearing chores a lot faster and easier.