Men Haircuts for Round Faces

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

Deciding on a certain haircut doesn’t only involve discovering the latest trends and choosing your favorite, but also picking a hairdo that can complement your face shape. Professional hairstylists are trained to personalize every haircut in order to make it work with your hair texture, and flatter your aspect. Therefore, we advise you to choose the services of a stylist who knows which the hairstyles that can suit a round face are.

The characteristics of a round faces

Some faces are wider, rounder, longer, and more angular, but depending on every barber’s skills, everyone can get a haircut that can enhance certain features and minimize others. When we choose a haircut we are often so cough up by trends that we forget about what looks good on us. If you check out a haircuts website, you will see that each type of face looks good with certain types of haircuts. If your face has just about equal height and width, that means that it has a round shape, so you have to deal with a rounded jawline and full cheekbones. Due to the fact that a round face shape doesn’t have any angular features, nor prominent lines, you might have a childish look, but that can be fixed if you choose the right haircut for your face shape. If you’re looking for some short hairstyles for prom, try this one if it suits your features, or any one of the hairstyles below; they are very popular now, and might be the change you were looking for.

The tall and spiky haircut

This is one of the haircuts for men that can help you balance your face width by adding height. The tall and spiky hair has the role to elongate your face, especially if you choose to cut your sides short in order to emphasize the height of your haircut. Take note that you need to use a product for spiky hair, because only that way you will manage to keep your hairstyle in place.

The classic haircut for men

If you want to achieve a more manly look, but the shape of your face adds a soft touch to your features, we suggest you to opt for a hairdo that can give you the angularity that you always wanted. One of the latest trends in haircuts involves making a deep side part, and slicking your hair back or across, which is the best solution for adding height and volume. Furthermore, this is one of the men hairstyles that can reflect a strong personality, and it is recommended for those who want to create a classic look.

Side swept bangs

If your hair doesn’t have the proper texture for adding volume on top, we advise you to opt for side swept bangs. Living your hair long across your forehead will add a great contrast to your figure, which means that your cheeks will look less wider. However, no matter what your hairstylist says, you should never opt for a straight across fringe. Although it might cover a large forehead, that type of haircut can make anyone look awful.