Is Golf a Vanity Sport or Can it Actually Improve Your Health

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

Golf is a very popular sport that is performed on a large outdoor course, with the purpose of inserting a small hard ball into a hole with as few strokes as possible and using a variety of sticks called ‘golf clubs’. Being known as a sport performed by rich and vain people, its benefits to health have been extensively discussed. Here are some arguments regarding the health benefits of golf as a sport.

Golf’s advantages of being an outdoor sport

Being a sport itself represent an argument in favor of the idea that golf can be good for your health, given the fact that it implies exercise, stretching, bending and walking. Being an outdoor sport reinforces the idea, due to the fact that exercising outdoor keeps you moving and trains your muscles more than training in a gym. Outdoor exercising challenges your body and develops your physical shape in order to create strength and resistance. The fresh air that goes to your lungs while you play golf outdoor helps improve the blood circulation, heart function, helps you get better sleep and prevents anxiety and stress.

Playing golf involves walking

As a sport performed on a large course, golf involves walking during the strikes. Back in the days, people used to measure the course with their feet in order to calculate the distance to the hole and being able to choose the appropriate club for the hit, which means they had to walk several miles during a complete game. Nowadays, the appearance of golf rangefinders has decreased the amount of walking, given the fact that these devices target the hole and calculate the distance between you and the hole without the need for you to move. The rangefinder is helpful for your game improvement, as it allows you to make a more informed choice when picking your golf club.You can find a lot of information on these gadgets on golfrangefinders.reviews. However, keep in mind that these gadgets minimize your walking time, therefore you can counterbalance their use by carrying your clubs and avoid using the golf cart around the course.

Golfing moves are various and complex

A golfer performs various moves during a golf game, such as stretching, rotating the torso, balancing the weight from one foot to the other, bending to take position, leaning to position the ball and hitting the ball with the club using his both hands. This intense combination of moves trains a large group of muscles and makes golf a great sport to perform if you want to make effort. Golf is also a great mean of losing weight and maintaining your body shape.