How to Maintain your Beard – A Step by Step Guide With Tips

Written by Martin Goldstein. Posted in Mens

Shaving can be called a chore, especially considering that most men need to do it every couple of days as their hair grows fast. For this reason, mainly, a lot of guys grow out beards – sure, care might be involved with growing and maintaining a beard, but it’s a lot less time-consuming. There’s the undeniable perk that some men look better with a beard than without one as well, the facial hair acting more like an equivalent of the effect provided by makeup for women. Once you get past the initial patchiness and itchiness that come with growing out facial hair, the time comes to maintain your glorious beard – and with the right guidance, you will keep it looking perfect at all times.

#1 – Keep it clean

There are specially designed washers and softeners for facial hair, and it is obvious that you should use them to the detriment of your normal shampoo and softener. There are different oils and needs involved with facial hair, so it requires special attention as opposed to the hair growing on your head.

Cleaning tips:

  • Don’t wash facial hair daily – this will cause it to dry out and become prone to splitting.
  • Make sure there are no harsh chemicals in the washer you use.
  • Wash 2-3 times per week preferably, using the proper amount of washer for the length and volume of your facial hair.
  • Let the softening conditioner sit in while you shower, and rinse it out prior to drying.

#2 – Trim it on time

Proper trimming helps keep the beard healthy, in addition to the obvious perk provided as it allows you to shape the hair as you like. It’s best that you trim facial hair only once every couple of months though, as it is sufficient to guide and shape the growing hair as you need. Some consider that scissors should be used to trim the bulk, but we disagree as a quality beard trimmer can do just as fine of a job.

 Trimming tips to keep in mind:

  • Only trim when the hair is dry to know exactly how the final result will look.
  • When using an electric trimmer, check the guard settings before assuming they are a certain size, or you might end up clipping more than you intended.
  • Stretch out your skin when handling the underside to prevent injuries.
  • Comb the hair before you proceed to settle it all in a single direction.
  • For detailing, use scissors as they provide a more natural finish.

#3 – Apply oils and balms

Proper care mostly revolves around the products you use to “feed” the hair and “spoil” it, the products that we are referring to obviously being specialized oils and balms.

  • Role played by oil: Used to naturally hydrate the facial hair and give back the oils lost when you washed, it is a leave-in product that ensures balance for proper growth.
  • Role played by balm: Also known as beard butter or wax, it plays an important role in conditioning and styling facial hair. It is a leave-in product that has a heavier texture as opposed to oil, most men who use it in the detriment of oil stating that its conditioning effects last for a longer time span.
  • How to apply oil: It is best to apply the oil after you finish showering/bathing, first padding the beard with a towel to remove excess water. Use only a few drops and apply this care product once per day.
  • How to apply balm: Rub a small amount of it between your hands and work it through the hair. Remember that, just as oil, it needs to be applied on damp strands, so it’s best to use it after you have showered and towel padded the beard.

#4 – Bead care tools and their role


Without combing, your beard will grow out in strange ways and different directions, not cooperating as you would like it to and thus looking messy. Use a comb that is specially designed for beards as it won’t snag or break the hair strands.

How to correctly comb facial hair:

  • Use the wide teeth arrangement on your beard and the narrow arrangement on your mustache.
  • Hold the comb with the teeth pointing inward and use a relaxed grip throughout.
  • Comb the hair out using an upward motion to steer it away from your face.
  • When you run into snags, don’t pull on them but rather gently try to untwine them.
  • Comb the hair back down and into the shape you prefer.


Beard brushes don’t have plastic bristles as these would snag the hair and pull it out frenetically. Instead, they are made with boar hair, which is gentler and helps train the beard to grow into your chosen direction. The texture of the board hair also helps remove grime and dust from the strands, and it stimulates blood circulation to promote faster hair growth.
How to correctly brush facial hair:

  • You only have to brush it once per day, and we recommend you do it in the morning to combat the dreadful bed-beard look.
  • Brush it out in a relaxed, upward motion, gently handling snags if you encounter any.
  • At the end, just like with combing, brush it back down and shape it as you like.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t brush more than once per day – this causes split ends to appear, stopping hair growth.
  • As brushing adds volume, you shouldn’t let the day pass without doing it if you want your beard to stand out.
  • If your facial hair is still short, brush it 2-3 times per week tops until it grows out to prevent skin irritations.

#5 – Style it the right way

Once you get the hang of it, you won’t waste more than a few minutes to style your beard. Choose the products you like and round up the comb and the brush as they are needed to ease the styling process. Note that styling doesn’t only make the facial hair look better as it keeps it in place, but depending on the products you pick for it, it can even benefit the hair growth process.

  • If you want to use sea salt spray which adds volume and texture, make sure you start by applying it first when the beard is still wet.
  • Use the comb to properly distribute the spray throughout the hair.
  • Apply the balm or oil you regularly use to make the hair damp and easier to style.
  • Use the hair dryer to style the bears as you like, getting rid of unwanted curls and other aesthetic flaws while shaping it as you imagine.
  • At the end, apply a styling balm and use the comb to smooth out the hair’s shape and surface.

If you have grown a mustache as well, we recommend that you style and care for it just as much as you do the beard. Otherwise, the tiny patch of hair above your lip might end up ruining the look you were going for. In case you grew out a long mustache, we recommend that you use special wax for this specific facial hair as it provides a stronger hold, allowing you to style it as you desire.