How to Dress Like a Pro Golf Player

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

There are some tricks for how to achieve a pro golf player apparel. These pieces of clothing such as polo T-shirts, belts, shorts, sunglasses and watches will make you self-confident on the golf course.

Polo T-shirt

This is a classic piece of clothing which perfectly fits the golf style. All men look good wearing a Polo T-shirt. If you want to go safe you should choose a single color item. You can wear any kind of color you like. The secret of staying highly fashionable in golf is to choose a piece of clothing that is not too flashy but instead it has some nice details such as distinctive different color hems on the collar and on the short sleeves. If a single color item seems too quiet for you then you will be happy to see that golf allows you to express your funky side of your personality by wearing some strong colors such as orange, intense yellow or red. Our advice would be to choose shirts with chest pockets so that you can comfortably carry a rangefinder in your pocket or your sunglasses.

High-waisted Trousers

This is the part of your apparel that you can go really crazy with. Either you want to have fun wearing some really daring trousers or you just prefer something classic that you could wear both on and off the course, it’s your choice how fast you want people to notice you. You should notice that all the professional golf players have high-waisted trousers. Any pair of trousers that you may choose at least have them straight with the same size from top to bottom. You don’t want to look like Elvis on a golf course with some flared trousers. And of course, the saying “less is more” is applied also in golf. Nowadays more and more professional golf players choose clothes that will give them a soft stylish look than a flashy apparel.


If long trousers make you too hot you have the option to wear some shorts. If you want to go bold at least keep it to only one color.


The belts that the professional golf players use are thick, distinctive and eye-catching. They complete the apparel of any golf player.


Having a pair of cool sunglasses with you will make you very fashionable on the golf course.


The watch that you will choose must be light and it must inspire sports. A thematic watch that has a golf ball pattern or a “I love Golf” message would be more than expressive. You can be efficient and choose a rangefinder watch so that you don’t have to carry both your watch and your rangefinder. However, if you visit golfrangefinders.reviews and look at the latest rangefinder models. You will see that they are quire compact and they can neatly fit into your shirt’s front pocket.


It’s highly important to choose a pair of comfortable shoes. It would be good if you could limit yourself to choosing some shoes that have maximum two colors. This way it will be more easier for you to make them look good with any other pieces of clothing that you may choose.