General Rules for Wearing Men Shoes

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

Creating a perfect outfit might seem intimidating, especially since there are so many trends and rules that you must pay attention to. So, if you want to stay a step ahead of the crowd, you must consider certain aspects that will help you impress with a great sense of style. Shoes play an important role in achieving a perfect image, and that is why you must focus on wearing them with proper trousers, or dress pants. Wearing mismatched shoes and pants can ruin your entire appearance, so try to avoid awkward situations by informing yourself regarding the best combinations.

There are many types of shoes that can enhance a man’s aspect, but there are also several conventions that everyone should respect in order to obtain the desired results. So, you should try to consider several aspects before matching a pair of shoes with your pants.

Black shoes

Keep in mind that the color of your shoes determines the formality of your outfit, so black shoes are the most appropriate shoes for formal events and the general classic mens style. Furthermore, you can match black shoes with most colors of trousers, so if you are trying to achieve an everyday look, we advise you to wear them with powerful colors such as light blue, yellow, and even red. However, if you want to achieve a trendy look, we suggest you to cuff your trousers in order to expose your ankles, as this is one of the summer trends that can make you appear very sophisticated.

Brown shoes

Brown shoes can also work with the classic mens style but they can also be integrated in more casual outfits. The biggest mistake that men make is to match brown shoes with black chinos. These colors are absolutely incompatible, so they should never be mixed, especially since you have so many amazing options to choose between. Brown can go with any color you like, so you can wear your tan shoes with navy, burgundy, green and camel dress pants.

Oxblood shoes

Choosing to wear this type of shoes can reflect a strong personality, as not everyone has the courage to opt for such a bold color. You can wear them with jeans and tailored pants as long as you are very confident about yourself. Matching them with a white shirt and light blue pants can make you get lots of compliments, but you can also wear them with white, beige, brown and camel chinos. However, we recommend you to use darker tones if you want to adapt them to more formal events.