Fall 2014 Trends in Men’s Fashion

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

The fall is finally upon us, and as it goes every year, this season doesn’t just come with the delicious smell of pumpkin but also with wonderful fashion trends. The rich colors of autumn can be seen not only in the parks but also in the clothing stores and on the streets. Therefore, if you have not yet upgraded your wardrobe to the latest trends, you will find this article to be very useful. Check out this season’s main mens fashion trends!

Leather sleeves

This is a very popular trend at the moment, most commonly integrated in denim jackets. However, there are also some suede jackets that feature leather sleeves. It is important for the color of the sleeve’s leather to contrast the color of the jacket. Whether or not this trend will last, one thing is for sure: the leather sleeves is the most powerful of all mens fashion trends this season.

Sheepskin jackets

Lately, it seems that a lot of designers are trying to make their clothing lines more universal. Thus, they strive to be seen as affordable clothing labels. They do this by replacing luxurious materials with cheaper yet equally interesting materials such as sheepskin. This material is frequently used for jackets. A lot of designers also toyed around with the denim-shearling combinations. For example, you can find very stylish denim jackets in stores which feature shearling undercoats. Furthermore, denim jackets with shearling collars are definitely one of this fall’s must have fashion items.

Jacket trends

This year, the jacket trends are very versatile. On the latest fashion shows we have seen all types of jackets such as the bomber jacket, the reinvented denim jacket, the middle length jacket, the trench and many other. In the previous years, the jacket trends have been rather wild, often involving crazy prints. However, if last year you bought a flower print bomber jacket, you might not want to wear it this year because jacket prints are out, with the exception of the checkered print which still works for elegant jackets. Instead of prints, this season’s trends focus more on mixing up different fabrics.

The tailored checkered trend

You might think that this trend applies solely to men who prefer the elegant style but that is not actually true. Checkered suits and checkered three pieces are very stylish this fall, but you can also go with a single checkered tailored item (be it the jacket or the pants) that you can integrate in a casual outfit. If you are confident enough, you can even combine a checkered jacket with a t-shirt and jeans.