Essential Accessories for the Elegant Man

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

Most women will agree that an elegant man is irresistible, but that elegant men are hard to find as well. And we believe this isn’t just to do with the fact that men don’t want to be elegant, but that they don’t know where to begin and how to tell what is in good taste and what isn’t. True enough, it can be complicated to find a style of your own and to sport it casually, but with a few simple tips and tricks you can get a good start. In this article we are going to tell you which are the basic accessories an elegant man should own, besides suits and a tuxedo.

The Wristwatch

No suit is a complete attire without a proper wristwatch; moreover, the wristwatch is one of the safest and most important accessories for men, and it is a prefect replacement for jewelry, which on men can look kitschy. In some situations, you can accessorize a suit with a bracelet and ring, but the event has to be less formal, and the suit sportier. In most circumstances, the wristwatch can compliment a well-combined suit, and give you and extra of elegance. If you truly want to be elegant and versatile, start a wristwatch collection, which is also an investment because some types of watches increase their value in time.

The Tie

Even if you can’t afford too many suits, you can create multiple outfits with them if you have the right accessories; you can change shirts and shoes, and most importantly, you can change ties. The tie is very important for a suit, even though it can look good without it on informal occasions. So if you have three suits, you should own at least six ties, so you can switch them around and create new outfits; you might even discover a passion for them and start collecting!

The Money Clip

Just as a woman switches the purse for a clutch at elegant events, a man can replace his bulky wallet with a money clip, which hold his cash, credit cards and even his business cards. There are many, many models of money clips out there, so you can definitely find one that suits your tastes; you can even personalize them to have your initials, or even contact in case it gets lost.

The Sunglasses

Even a pair of sunglasses can add to the elegance of an outfit; Aviator-type sunglasses are manly, sexy and timeless, and you can wear them with casual outfits too. If the shape suits your face, you can get more pairs with different color lenses.

These accessories will make you look elegant and confident and prepare you for any important event. Overall, it shouldn’t even be that costly to get an elegant wardrobe set up, and you can complete it in time, as you learn more about the elegant style.