Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Written by Philip Johnson. Posted in Mens

If you are trying to upgrade your old razor, you should know that you will have many advantages if you invest in one of the best electric shavers. However, buying your first shaver can be challenging, because there are lots of models that you must choose between. Therefore, we advise you to find out what to search for when you are shopping for such a device, and focus on the main functions that it must integrate. After all, since you are willing to spend money on an electric razor, you must make sure that it meets your expectations.

The benefits of using an electric shaver

When it comes to satisfying your grooming needs without wasting too much time, using an electric razor is the answer to your problem. These days people are very busy, and if you find yourself in the same situation, you must opt for a versatile product that can help you eliminate unwanted hairs in just a few minutes. The biggest benefit that you can get by using an electric razor is that you can use it on dry skin, so you can even shave in your office before having a meeting. However, if you purchase a waterproof model you can also use it in the shower, so all you have to do is decide between rotary and foil shavers.

Rotary shavers

If you have sensitive skin best electric shavers for you are the ones with rotary blades. Rotary razors integrate blades that spin around a fundamental axis in order to cut the hairs that pass the angled slots that can be found on the surface of each head. These machines are perfect for removing the hair from curved areas like your chin, neck and jawline, but if you want to obtain the best results, you need to buy a shaver that incorporates flexible heads. That will help you follow the contours of your face in a more precise way, especially since you can use it to shave in any direction you want.

Foil shavers

The rounded surface of the foil works great with large areas of skin, so it;s the best choice for people who like to shave their head. It can provide the best outcome, especially since the foils have the role to lift the hair before directing it to the blade, which means that you will get a very close and clean shave. Furthermore, foil electric shavers integrate three or four blades, which can help you improve your aspect faster, and they usually feature a spring-loaded head that can flex to provide the proper amount of pressure for your needs.